Blog Day 2007 - I Broke The Rule

Rockin' Girl Blogger and Awesome Guy Blogger Results

Do Not Litter Guard, the African Pie Crow

Unexpected Awards And Appreciated

Moon Photography: Aug 28,2007 Lunar Eclipse Over Aurora, ON

Monkey Business

Moon Photography: Two Days of Moon

Meet My Sister's Professor - Spiny-tailed lizard

Moon Photography: Aug 23, 2007 Good Night For Moon Photo Shoot

Moon Photography: Aug 22, 2007 Moon I Was Waiting For

Great Blue Heron and Duck Photo Competition

Meet My Toad

Moon Photography: Aug 20, 2007 Almost Half Moon Over Aurora

My Only Photo Blog Maintenance

Today Hiking Trip's - Itchy and Scratchy

Itchy and Scratchy

The Humor In The Sign - Canadian Open

The Humor In The Sign

Meteor Shower - Its Not Easy to Photograph

When Waiting for Meteor Shower

Meet My Frog

Moon Photography: The Cookie Crescent Moon

Happy Moments

My Reflection In His of Eyes - the Common Grackle

The Canadian Mountain Goats, Jasper National Park