Gone For Christmas !

Winter Happy Mourning Dove

Shake That Snow Off - It's Not Time Yet

Good Bye Summer & Welcome Autumn Full Of Good Memories


Self Portrait Dissected

Beating Summer Heat In The Pool

Eastern Kingbird Finally Arrived

Perfect Day That Was For The Ruby Throated Hummingbird

A Simple Beauty Of The Green Season

Letter to Matthew - Today Is Your 2nd Birthday

Unique Dandelion

Digital Postcard Series: Beautiful Savannah Sparrow

Spring Makes Me Happy, Pretty Coltsfoot Bunch

Who Is The Artist?

The Good Luck Horseshoe

Spring Transformations Experiments - A Red Bean Seed To A Green Plant

My Only Photo Journey Will Continue

Electricity In The Lines - The Industrial Sketch

Digital Postcard Series: Melting Athabasca Glacier, Rocky Mountains, Canada

A Bit of Knowledge: Motion Pictures - My Experimental Photography